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Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are the sunshine, food, and medicine to the mind.

Luther Burbank
Funeral flowers

Send Support with Flowers

Experiencing a loss of some kind will sadly be inevitable. Brin’s Posy Floral started after the death of her dog, Brin, which helped Cailyn find meaning her own loss. This is known as Post Traumatic Growth. It’s often hard to find the right words or deeds to support loved ones and friends going through hard times. The fragrance of  flowers can stir up powerful memories of loved ones and our time with them throughout our lives. A rose stem can bring us back to childhood memories of picking fragrant and thorny roses from our grandmother’s annual garden. We want to help you memorialize and honor your loved one by providing flowers that allow you to feel a momentary sense if peace and hope. Brin’s Posy Floral’s sensitivity, grace, and understanding will ensure funeral and memorial arrangements honor the family’s loved one. 

Flowers for "The Everything In Between."

With Brin’s Posy Floral’s wide selection of seasonal flowers, (including options for special orders) and expert design knowledge, let us mark your event or occasion with a creative arrangement, evoking “beauty remembered.” 

Fall floral arrangement
Let us infuse your next event with colorful blooms, unique designs, and our team’s expert set-up of vases/arrangements. We will work with your next corporate event, party, or fundraiser.
Fall arrangement

We offer made-to-order flowers for everyday occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, good luck, and funerals. 

Basket of flowers
Brighten up your home or office with our subscription service! Whether you’d like a weekly delivery or a monthly assortment of seasonal blooms, Brin’s Posy Floral has you covered!
I'm from out of state, and I Purchased flowers for my sister. I used my Map application on my phone and found Brin's Posy's Shop. I noticed there was currently No website where I could View and order, so I called the shop. Spoke with the owner Cailyn, she was nice and made the process easy! I gave her an idea of the colors I wanted, and she made it Happen! Thanks Cailyn, I'll be using your talented floral skills next time I need some flowers. God bless, Courtney.
Modesto, CA